Dear aspiring savant,

In the modern Hi-tech Industrial society, signals of confrontation, stress and mistrust are popping up all over. In our pre-occupation to let the 'individuality' grow and shine, we have lost sight of the individual. The quality of peaceful life is at risk. Just look around.

To cope with the every-day stressful interactions, we need to move closer to our innerself. There is a vast resource of love, energy and potential for artistic creativity in all of us. It is waiting to be awakened. We go to a gym for a workout to maintain our physical health. Why not a half-hour session of meditation everyday in order to enhance our mental and spiritual health?

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In the Sanskrit language, the language of gurus and meditators, there is one form of greeting for all occasions. It is made up of three syllables, Na Ma Te. In the context of all-pervasive unity of objects, the 'you ' represents the spiritual-self rather than the body. So the meaning is 'I bow to the divine in you.'

Pronounciation and effectiveness

The 'a's are short in sound, 's' is short and crisp, and the 'e' at the end is a long 'a'. The greeting is usually followed with a 'ji', which is a syllable of reverence. It is meant to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and goodwill, which is further reinforced by the posture. The hands come together, palms touching each other, in front of the chest. The head is gently bowed such that the chin is above the two thumbs. A chela (pupil) focuses his eyes on the feet of the Guru, which is considered a gesture of acquiescence. Why? You might ask. It is based on The Phenomenon of Transference - how we all invent each other according to our non-biological blueprints. This phenomenon is said to have been discovered by Sigmund Freud in the eighteen-nineties. But the Gurus have been using it for thousands of years in a two-step relationship, chela-Guru and chela-Goddess/God. It works very effectively.

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Aasan - sitting posture

In this all-important preparation for meditation, you summon your presence and retire to your favourite quiet spot. Seat yourself on carpet or a prayer mat. Please make sure that you are facing East before noon. Face North after the noon hour. The first aasan consists of sitting with legs folded under each other. The arms are stretched to rest on the sides of the knees. The back bone is stretched to hold the head high. Comfort and absence of muscular strain are the key operatives here.

In the beginning, you may rest your hands in a loosely formed lap, if it is more comfortable for your physique.

After some practice, your hands should be resting on the knees, palms face-up, the forefinger curled firmly under the thumb, the thumb pressing down on it and other three finger held together and pointing forward.

Closing of the eyes is achieved by gently rolling your eyelids down for a velvet touch. This ensures that there is no strain on the eyes and the forehead is relaxed. You may achieve this state of rest at your own pace.

Take a few moments to pull yourself together. Think of filling your heart with feelings of goodwill, friendliness, compassion and forgiveness. You are ready now.

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Om Meditation

What is Om?

Om is an ancient mystic symbol of pure energy. The universe is said to have started with two ingredients, void (space) and a pin-drop of pure energy (symbolized by Om). In Sanskrit the sound is made up of three letters, a-u-m. It has no source and it has no cause.

Why should we recite Om?

By reciting Om with devotion, the practitioner can overcome cause and effect, gain-oriented mindset, which hinders self-recognition. Om is a perfect syllable. It has a deep inner blessing for the practitioner. It never fails to set up an inner altar. So practise it by day and by night. It will be present in all our meditation practices. It bestows universal love and joy upon the chela.

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What is a Sound-constellation?

Also known by the Sanskrit word 'Mantra', Sound-constellations are made up of sounds and sound-clusters. When learned gurus go into deep samadhi (trance), they are able to put seed-sounds (wordless syllables),words, intended object and idea in a mantra. They may add the power of prayer to the mantra. By reciting the mantra with devotion, the chela can realize the specific idea, put into the sound-constellation by the master. The idea is derived from the spiritual feeling. This can help the chela in overcoming barriers on their path to awakening their artistic Creativity Consciousness.

How does it work?
Here is a little bit of theory.
To understand the relationships between sound, implied object and idea, consider the word 'table'. When you pronounce it, each letter is converted into sound. You have an 'intended object' in mind, i.e. the thing the aggregate sound refers to. The idea part is subtle. It embodies the feeling and spirituality of the speaker. The sounds can point to a dining table, picnic table, water-table or any of the other 'things' related to table. But you had a specific 'idea' in mind when you pronounced the word. The table exists. But where? And for what purpose? What is the IDEA behind it?
Sound-clusters of wordless syllables with no objects attached to them but having powerful ideas behind them are useful in achieving self-recognition. Because, there is no 'implied object', the idea entity in the sounds becomes a very powerful vehicle. Elements of prayer and certain rhythms are added to give them harmonizing and purifying qualities.

The development of Classical music was based on these principles

Both Mozart and Beethoven used Sound-clusters to reach heights of musical creativity never to be seen again. Sidetrip to Salzburg

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Structured breathing

Normal breathing gives us two things. On the manifest level it gives us a supply of Oxygen. On the unmanifest or hidden level it gives us 'shakti', the life-force, the energy vitalizing each and every cell in our body. Just like the ever-working connections among our consciousness, vibration and form, there is an intimate connection between respiration and mind.

By practising Structured breathing exercises, the chela rests his mind and gains inner tranquility. Universal love fills a tranquil mind. Stress and tension melt away. Your sense of awareness increases. Images of hidden Artistic Treasures are seen, which can be expressed through an artform of choice. This promotes spiritual growth.

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The principle . . . .

Please read this info in a spiritual context. The word 'feminine' has no gender bias in this discussion.
Thank You

Since time zero of the history of the evolution of the homo sapien, the reality of the principle of feminine spiritual supremacy shines through, whether the issues are examined from a biological perspective, a social perspective or the more importantly, spiritual perspective. It does not occur to some that without a woman, they would not be present in the here and now! No matter how noble and self-realized a man may be, he cannot measure up to his mother. Recent biological studies furnish overwhelming evidence to the effect that during the critical moments of pre-conception, Ovum is in full cammand. Flailing little tails go abegging for a chance at the sacred ritual. Now imagine that it is happening inside a feminine environment, guided by wisdom far more powerful than chemistry, genetics or politics.

There is a surfiet of socially-derived evidence to support the principle. The overabundance is overwhelming. Men can go to a library and chances are that they will have their heads bowed in shame, on their way out.

If the predominant religions of the world agree on one thing, it is that 'man was created in God's image.' There must be a grain of truth to it. Most religions of the world also say that a sense of 'conscience' comes into its own at or just before conception. The proximity of the Ovum to the chosen sperm personalizes a pure I-Sense - thus giving the new life the basis of their spirituality - which possesses all the virtues and extraphysical powers of God and hence the original statement on which religions of the world, knowingly or otherwise agree. One of the oldest spiritual beliefs tells us that after the pure I-Sense is anchored, Karma superimposes the empirical Ego upon it, gives the microcosm a 'conscience', 'I am the body feeling' and bestows the freedom of action ( a calculated trap!). This messes things up a bit for the new life. If you think about the event, chemically, biologically , spiritually or otherwise, the moments around preconception and conception are moments of immense spiritual implications for the forming life, and they are happening under the direct supervision of the spirituality of the mother ( you can interject any discipline here, it will not make an iota of difference to the reality).

Who primes and sets the embryo's heart on the journey of life?

Who teaches the new born how to take the first breath through its nose?

Worship her! You wise man. She will bring out the best in you. She will gladly give up her job to give you a progeny and raise them with the dignity and caring they deserve. Then she will complete your life with the physical stuff, the mind stuff and the spiritual stuff. And you can take up meditation and erase your empirical Ego and win back your pure I-Sense with the extraphysical powers.

God, man. what else can you ask for? You have got the universe in your hands!

Hundreds of other sites on the Web write about the role of Vedic trilogy of the feminine divinity going back to the birth of the Cosmic Embryo.

My Sacred GoddessMy sacred goddess

transcends the celestial boundaries riding the wispy trail of a comet. Watch her hissing Kundalini Fire. She is fully realized and her Sahashrara chakra, with a thousand petals, is aglow with wisdom. She is all-knowing and all-seeing. She watches over all those who hold her in reverential awe. Glory be to everything feminine! Glory to the Sacred Goddess!! Glory to Guru Devi, my teacher!!!

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