Ustad Isa Afandi memorium

This page is humbly dedicated to the genius architect of Taj Mahal

Legendary Love of Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal.

When Queen Mumtaz, after bearing fourteen children, died prematurely, Shah Jahan was heart-broken. He commissioned a Royal mausoleum to preserve her memory. Shahjahan used an old ruse to inspire Master Isa Afandi into creating Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the old world.

Mozart's Music Left: A floor to ceiling, see-through marble window at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India. The pierced design in mirrored patterns with progressive variations, is reminescent of Mozart's music, written in the same style of repeating notes with variations. This flawless structure, admired for its simplicity, has a profound emotional appeal. The listener/beholder realizes the emotion expressed in the artistic content through the working of THE CANTILEVER EFFECT.

Beethoven's Music Right: This pierced stone window from a mosque at Ahmedabad, India, shows how musical elements can be captured and frozen in stone. The window depicts Beethoven's third symphony, The Eroica, in which the composer approaches the portal (from the bottom)with the emotion of the Classical style and emerges into the era of Romanticism of the infinite, unbound spirit, at top. Again the Spiritual elements of the artistic content are realized by the listener through the working of THE CANTILEVER EFFECT.

For a full treatment of the subjects of Creativity Consciousness, The Cantilever Effect and an intimacy with mysticism read and enjoy



by Ravi Sadana, servant of humanity

You will also read the details of the popular ruse of the times and feelings hidden by composers in music

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