Ayurvedic Health Program

Lamp of Ayurveda

  • Light of knowledge
  • Illuminates mind, body and soul
  • By gaining this knowledge, afflictions become 'roasted seeds', incapable of sprouting
  • Seeds include Virus, Bacterium and harmful airborne microbes
  • First principle

    How and what you think and what you eat are very important
    In the root of all things including food are three Gunas (qualities-properties)
  • Tamas: Mass - Obstruction - Ignorance - Inertia
  • Rajas: Energy - Activity - Movement - Activation
  • Satvic: Intelligence - Expansion - Perception - Sentience
  • Second principle Heavenly Well-Being

  • Get in touch with your Immune-system
  • Strengthen your Immunity
  • Roast the seeds of affliction
  • Third principle

  • Eat sensibly and know it
  • Think positively and know it
  • Killer T Cell Imagery technique
  • Two Applications


    Get to know your strengths on one hand and the weak and susceptible organs in your body on the other. Pay attention to your traits and habits in your lifestyle. This is done by talking with the elders who will tell you about what runs in the family.

    For a positively enhanced wellness regimen and maintenance of daily health against common ailments of flu, cold, headaches and low-level stress.


    When a mild affliction strikes or when under a major emotional stress.

    Two seperate programs are available. Indicate your choice on the form.

    Of special interest to sufferers of

    A more natural lifestyle approach is called for. A good place to start:

  • Slow down, simplify your life, get closer to yourself
  • Examine your lifestyle for physical tensions
  • Review your attitude to life for mental pressures
    And, above all
  • Do a thorough evaluation of your eating habits and nutrition
    The Latitude Syndrome

    speaks clearly to these specific points. It is designed to guide you in making important personal choices as you carry out this self-evaluation. Then you will take charge of your health. Results are guaranteed if you faithfully follow the simple mental instructions and suggested changes to your nutritional standards offered in the book.
    You will be amazed at your progress in becoming healthy.

    Find new tips, techniques and easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons, including rare Himalayan recipies, from Ravi's new book "THE LATITUDE SYNDROME"

    Buying the book enrols you for a free course of instruction

    Complete attached Self-assessment FORM

    Instructions tailored to your spiritual profile will be prepared and E-mailed to you in four parts

  • "The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."    Hippocrates

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