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The Latitude Syndrome

'In the beginning conventional medicine was only concerned with the health of the body. During the last thirty years or so behavioral sciences have come into their own and mental disorders have been accepted into the fold of medicine. Because of the historical association of spiritual well-being with religion, the concept of spiritual health or debility does not even cross the threshold of a modern mind.'

'Stepping back . . . consider how the presence of a specific molecule(s) in a specific section of the brain - usually in the sac of the synapse - translates into a literal, intellectual, emotional or perceptual ideation, the precursor of awareness.'

'The brain never stops. It has no static parts where pulses can be registered, counted or stored. It has no memory . . no screens on which sensations or perceptions can be flashed, the pulses assembled into patterns or the recall of past events displayed. . . no fixed surface . . . for a perceptive effect. Every single ideation of a literal, intellectual, sensational, emotional or perceptual fragment of an event is nothing more than a pattern of electrical pulses racing along networks of interconnected neurons which may last no longer than milliseconds. This short-lived frame of the pattern of pulses represents a fragment in a tanmatra, the minuscule 'iota' between two gaps. The snapshots of the altering patterns of pulses through the neurons are played progressively. These frames of pre-ideation are assembled into a whole through the agency of prana . . . a personal perception of the event dawns on one's awareness where it is assimilated.'

'Mental health is an expression of the flow of prana in general and the Kundalini agni or fire in particular throughout the Astral or subtle body which is superposed on the volumetric outline of the physical body.

'The fundamental duality of reality is a pairing of a manifest state and an unmanifest state . . . perceivable through the five senses is the manifest part . . . the gross matter level of reality. An unmanifest or hidden counterpart of each and every manifest part also exists. The hidden part . . . beyond the perception of the senses. It is supersensory. It lies in the spiritual domain.'

A guru once told me: 'In reality, you are already what you seek to become. Why do you toil so hard and worry so much? Conduct yourself like a decent and reasonable person. Sit in a lotus aasan, practise Pranayama and chant 'Om' with devotion. Karma will take care of the rest.

'In the universe each object, each entity, each thing and each idea like time' is passing from 'future' to 'present' to 'past' in subtle frames called Tanmatras. Only the 'present' is recognizable by the human senses. Another way of saying this is that the 'present' is manifest. The 'future' and the 'past', by definition, are not manifest. Anything that has come into being can never be annihilated. Anything which has not existed before, cannot come into being. It's only change, change, change.'

'The universe is said to have begun with two ingredients, akash or void and a pin-drop of pure energy or shakti which is symbolized by the mystical Om. As the universe grew . . . objects like the galaxies, shakti pervaded the void and everything in it. It pervades the human body and vitalizes each and every cell in it. Its power is unimaginable.'

'In my considered opinion, the swastica as we see it today has a shape based on the original picture script of the most consequential event in the entire history of the homo sapien, namely, the transition of the 'animal man' with a horizontal spine to the 'spiritual man' with a vertical spine.'

'Because of its mystical origin, it came to be revered and allegorically imbued by a host of anthropic themes at the hands of the peoples of the world who saw the simple but penetrating device and immediately recognized a sublime motif . . .the images of their past in its form. . .whoever first imagined or thought of the original concept wanted to leave behind an unmistakable clue for all time. Perhaps the world of words', spoken or written, was not born yet. So it had to be a compact but indelible picture of their insight with an unfailing drawing power. '

'When the size of the thing under study is reduced - as it happens in the case of small particle physics - a corollary of the first Cosmic law . . . the manifest state of the object approaches its unmanifest or hidden state. When the two states or realities superpose each other . . . particles appear and disappear in spontaneous reactions. . . exist and not exist at the same time! When an effect appears spontaneously, it is said to have occurred without a cause.'

' . . . three solitudes of the microcosm as bands with surfaces . . .like a layer-cake forming an interface, where the synapse is the thin edge at which there are two 'presences'. Imagine that the Physical-mental layer is at the bottom, the Emotional-astral layer is in the middle and the Spiritual layer is at the top. . .five distinct entities, three in their relatively pure form and two in interactive form at the synapses.'

'Imagine the three layers as compartments in which all daily experiences of an individual microcosm - no matter how insignificant they may appear on the surface - are 'treated' at the two synapses to sift out and then to pass on the 'abiding effect.'

'The most frequently cited story is of Ustad (master) Isa Afandi, the wonder architect(of Taj mahal). . . asked by the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan to design a masterpiece . . his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, after bearing him fourteen children. . . Ustad Afandi presented many designs of the mausoleum to the Emperor, but failed. The Emperor wanted to leave behind . . . unrivalled structure . . . an exceptionally high artistic beauty and worthy of his love for his beloved Mumtaz.'

'Create me a wonder, O great master, go into a trance and communicate with your Maker and pour your soul into it,' implored the Emperor.

'I propound the broad outline of a plausible theory of human memory, based on the principle of instantaneous communicability between two identical entities separated by large distances. The principle is based on . . . recent experiments in the field of quantum physics in the world's leading particle accelerators. The physicists are not conducting these experiments to understand the why and wherefore of human memory. . . might have stumbled upon a momentous revelation in the annals of human history. They have not connected with its real significance.'

'Let us, for a moment, think about the relative position of breathing as a provider of life-sustaining energy. A microcosm can survive without food for a few weeks, without water for a few days and without air for a few minutes. The sensitivity to breathing . . . a key component in the sustenance of life . . . minutest change in the technique can have a far-reaching effect . . .the state of wellbeing.'

'Three early stages have been described by many an aspirant, which I have personally passed through before the first faint arousal of a wave at the base of my spine. A progression of pre-cognitive visions or flashes in luminous blue-white lines will appear on the inside of your closed eyelids during deep meditation . . . The jagged or smoothly curving lines may be two to five in number. . . persist during meditation when the focus of eyes is shifted from the inside of the forehead to the inside of the upper eyelid.'

'What is the purpose of developing the image of the rising sun on the inside of the eyelids during meditation? A chela or student asked.'

'The technique of Meditative Listening was developed . . . a period of ten years with traditional meditative practices. The method produced results and effects in a time frame which I believe could not have been realized through meditation alone. The bonus . . . spiritual aspects of something which only orchestral music can . . . unmatched personal intimacy.'

'Although most music consists of successive patterns of many sound-tones . . . creative merit does not reside in the tones themselves. It is camouflaged in the ever-present transients, the breaks, the pregnant gaps and the gradients adjoining the successive notes. A delicate lacework of punctuations is woven into the tones, the highs and the lows, the rhythm and the melody, the sonority and the slow and fast tempos of the sounds.'

'Bewitchingly fragrant nuances will be picked by your nose, when none are present physically. Luminous perceptions at the inner altar . . .when you are completely absorbed in music. You do not have to be meditating. You will luminously perceive cantilevers rolling and twirling in multicolours . . . on the right or on the left . . cannot block them by passing your hand in front of eyes, because they are not of optical light. This is a hauntingly beautiful experience.'

'Let me first introduce you to the subject of 'how the reality manifests itself in real-time' in an interaction, specially when two microcosms meet for the first time face to face.'

'Regarded simply by its own devices . . . the Sun embodies the antithesis of life on a grand scale. It is too hot. It generates . . poisonous radiation. Yet, on our far-off planet Earth, it is the sole provider of factors without which life would not have been possible at all!. This is the basis of Surya Shakti, a metaphysical concept . . .The physical Sun emits optical light.Surya Shaktiis realized as non-optical light. . .'

'A section on nutrition with a spiritual bias . . . recipes for an enlightened healthful culinary lifestyle. . . under the heading of The Latitude Syndrome. The special theme of Surya Shakti is based on the traditional Ayurvedic sciences, but adapted to . . . modern living.

'The principle underlying a healthful culinary lifestyle is based on two pillars. First, the philosophy of Surya Shakti . . . underlying thinking and attitude supplant the physical attributes of food being eaten for nutrition . . . .'

'The glass of milk is just the medium. In this way, the food forms not only supply the physical building blocks for a healthy body, but subliminally connect you to the real source of sustenance - Surya Shakti.'

'If you take away all matter, all forms of energy and the physical space itself that's been created and put in the universe what's left is akash or pure space . . .'extreme emptiness'. Human mind and consciousness do not take up physical space but they occupy akash. All formless things . . . thoughts, ideas and concepts . . .occupy akash. Karma and its influences or karmic forces exist in akash.'

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