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  • Introduction and Namaste
  • Posture Aasan
  • Om, the perfect sound Om
  • Sound constellation Mantra
  • Structured breathing Respiration
  • Four do-it-yourself steps Get Started
  • Principle of the feminine spiritual supremacy Sacred Goddess
  • Artistry of the Classical Haydn-Mozart-Beethoven Trilogy Immortal Wolfie
  • Ayurvedic Health Program My Wellbeing
  • Gayatri Mantra Meaning

  • Step in to your aashram, gracious guest! to initiate inner calm . . . please fix your mind for a moment . . .on the solitude above . . . and take in a slow, deep breath. Om's blessing is pervading your being . . . harmonizing . . . purifying . . . Now exhale slowly ... gently ... and feel . . . the presence. . .stay awhile. . . . contemplate your being!

    Creativity Consciousness Town Hall

    Humbly presents a path for self-recognition

    The most significant latent human drive is to express the inner self.

  • To reach inborn artistic creativity
  • Creativity consciousness lies dormant unless awakened by spiritual inspiration
  • To choose the medium for self-expression
  • Any of the artforms
    Expression is a mirror of one's being
  • To flourish in the spiritual 'must'
  • The ambience sprouts around your individuality
    for the recognition of the pure I-Sense

    You will discover a reservoir of vitality and confidence within, with the aid of a novel mental-emotional-spiritual model of your equivalence, based on "The Three Verbs of Being" .

    Fill out the attached questionnaire and Fax it to: Ravi Sadana at (416) 926 1660 or E-mail completed copy to

    Easy-to-follow four step do-it-yourself introduction

    step one

    Sitting Posture (please see Index)

    step two

    OmOm meditation (please see Index)

    Seat yourself on carpet with legs folded in a comfortable position with an erect back and arms resting on knees. Take a deep breath. Relax. As you exhale, recite A-u-O-O-O-O-O-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M in a long drawn-out nasal sound in one breath. Eyes may be closed. Let the mind grasp the essence of the symbol. Please select your color.

    PetitionAssertion, then surrender

    step three

    Based on your answers on the questionnaire, your program will include a set of Structured breathing and a set of Sound-constellations. This personal-preference step will be E-mailed to you in four parts.

    Step four

    Putting it all together in one twenty minute session you can practise at your own pace in privacy.

    Something for those who want to look ahead

    Gayatri Sound-constellation

    The Cardinal Sound-constellation

    Om bhoor bhawa swah tut sweetur varreniyam bhurgo devasya
    dhee mahi dhyo yo nam pracho dayat. (please pronounce all 't's softly)


    Memorize the mantra such that it becomes a part of you. Recite it softly at first. Later you can utter it mentally, in the morning and in the evening, repeating three to five times.

    For questions and information Email:


    Projection of Ocular Waves for Artistic Creativity
    Akashvani (Clairaudience)
    Killer T Cell Imagery for Healing (see Ayurvedic Health in Index)
    Origin of the Swasthic Symbol - Time Zero of Human Evolution
    And More

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